Lucy's Paper Garden Club

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Marcos Til Midnight Sat April 18

We'll be making paper so save #10 junk mail envelopes and remove any plastic windows they have.  We'll be making a CD pin so bring old cds. We'll be monoprinting with Gelli plates and gelatin plates so bring rubber brayers and stencils and mark making tools.

Please arrive between 5 and 6. Earlier is better - You'll need time to set out your snack and fill a plate. We'll start at 6.

Standard Stamping Case Supplies

 Scissors -- X-acto Knife -- Small Self-Healing Cutting Mat
Small Personal Paper Trimmer -- Ruler -- Pencil -- Notepad
Craft Tweezers -- Regular Tape -- Double Stick Tape
Foam Mounting Tape -- Markers -- Bone Folder -- Stylus
Dove Blender -- Black Dye-Based Pad -- Small Paintbrush
Stamp Cleaner -- Cleaning Pad or Small Cloth



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